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HomeSafeID has been established in partnership with the RSPCA Qld in order to deliver microchips directly to the customer ex-factory along with lifetime registrations and readers at a very competitive price whilst maintaining the highest of standards. All our products fully comply with Australian and International Standards Organisation (ISO) regulations as mandated by individual States.

Key Personnel
MARK TOWNEND: Mark has been CEO of RSPCA Queensland (Qld’s leading animal welfare authority) since 2000. He took on this role at a time of great change in the Society and has overseen many innovations such as Shelterbuddy Software which is now used by animal welfare organizations worldwide, as well as the Mobile Education Unit, the Mobile Desexing Unit, and the World for Pets Superstore. Mark is also involved in a number of community organizations and is the recipient of the Prime Ministers Federation Centenary Medal for distinguished service to the community.

GLENN JONES: Glenn has been the Director of Retail Operations for RSPCA Qld since January, 2004 and is currently responsible for the purchasing and distribution of all animals accessories and food for all shelters across Qld, two online stores, and RSPCA Qld’s two World For Pets Pet Accessory Stores. He has a great knowledge of pet requirements and market trends for the pet industry.

LORRAINE CLUNE: Lorraine has held senior Personal Assistant and Practice Manager positions in Healthcare for more than twenty years. As such she has operated practice management data bases as well as being solely responsible for all administration tasks related to a number of specialist medical practices over this time. She is currently the CEO and secretary for Pet Electronic Tags (P.E.T.S) a major supplier of microchips and readers to the Australian market.

DAN CLUNE: Dan was a founding member of the Standards Australia committee IT28 that contributed to the implementation of ISO 11784/85. Compliance with this standard is mandatory for the use of microchips in Australian companion animals. Dan also represented Australia at WG3 meetings around the world. WG3 established ISO 11784/85 as a global standard. Dan has been active in the marketing of chips, readers and registrations since the early nineties in Australia and North America. He was also a supplier representative on committees that established the Australian National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS).