Vets and Implanters

Here's the form to complete a breeder registration application for a litter

Pet Owners

Here's the form you complete to Transfer Pet Registration! Please complete carefully and clearly.
Once you have completed the form you can email to

To complete the form online: If you are the current registered owner, you can log in through the Pet Owner Tab using the chip number and your mobile number, where a secure code will be sent for you to access the record.

For new pet owners, if you are in contact with the current registered owner/breeder, they can add your mobile number the record or provide you with the security code for you to have direct access and update to your new details. When your payment has been cleared, your transfer will be approved and a Lifetime Certificate emailed.

For microchips not found on any national Database: Here is the New Registration Application.

You must search prior to completing the application form.